Price strategies

The SC SNIJANA SRL offer aims to maximize the relation price – quality. The clients strongly appreciate the quality of the products and are willing to pay a price that is adequate to it. As a newcomer, nine years ago, SC SNIJANA SRL had entry prices at the minimum market level. As time passed, the company became known on the market and the quality of its products was confirmed by the customers thus the prices were increased according to the quality.

SC SNIJANA SRL provides the market with quality products that guarantee customers a high efficiency in usage, at an optimum price – quality relation. The high quality supplied to the market is greatly owed to the following factors that can be considered the main resources:

  • the human element
  • the equipment and technology used
  • the quality of the raw material

FSC® C110260 - Marca unei silviculturi responsabile
Sistem de management certificat. ID C12897 1/M220241 - ISO 9001 - ISO 14001

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