About us

SC SNIJANA SRL was founded in 2003 in Paulis, county of Arad. The warehouse where all the activity takes place is also situated here.

The main activity of our company is the cutting and planing of wood (CAEN 1610).

The company possesses a certificate of wood exploitation. The export share is up to 90% of our production. The quality of the technology we use adds value to the wood, which is an important national resource.

The exploitation capacity is of 1000 m3/month and the processing capacity is of 700 m3/month.

Products marked as such can be sold as FSC® (FSC-C110260) certified on request


FSC® C110260 - Marca unei silviculturi responsabile
Sistem de management certificat. ID C12897 1/M220241 - ISO 9001 - ISO 14001

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